Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seperate CSS files for Firefox versions

Have you come across UI issues in different versions of Firefox? This was the very first time for me to have version issues with Firefox. However, we can call different CSS files for different versions of firefox using jquery/javascript -

var version=jQuery.browser.version;
     if (jQuery.browser.mozilla) {  
           var verarray=version.split('.');
           if(verarray[0]=='1' && verarray[1]=='9' && verarray[2]=='2')
                var head= document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
                var addCSS= document.createElement('link');
                addCSS.href = 'css/CSIdentity.ff3.6.css';
                addCSS.rel = 'stylesheet';
                addCSS.type = 'text/css';

HTML5 and

Instead of developing websites using HTML4/XHTML why not opt HTML5? Afterall we must follow the current trends or else we will stand far behind in this overnight changing world. Steve Jobs from Apple Inc. says- “The world is moving to HTML5”.

Many devs just throw comments saying 'HTML5 tags' are not compatible with framework. Because in Visual Studio Microsoft has given thousands of ready components/properties that the devs don't have to remember. Speaking as a dev when it comes to 0 and 1, nothing is impossible. Here comes ASP.NET MVC 3 applications to rescue -

Monday, June 27, 2011

Death of IE7

After burying IE6 successfully now it’s an awful turn of IE7. The worthless efforts I do to make my websites work properly in IE7 is coming to an end. Only 5% users are using IE7, which means soon enough Microsoft will send out funeral invitations, but this time for IE7 -

IE7 makes us give up many easy and tempting practices. We find something new every day and try to implement in our project. It works well in other all browsers but not in IE7, then what – client needs this to work in IE7 as well so? OK, let it be, find something that is compatible with IE7 too (IE7 please, stop doing this – your time is coming to an end, so at least be good).

We know we have several hacks for IE7. But hacks are not appropriate solutions for these issues. W3C will not validate our page/CSS if we use hacks for IE7.

I expressed my feeling here in brief because my latest project’s browser requirements are Internet Explorer8+. What a relief!