Sunday, October 3, 2010

hypenation & text-align:justify

Using text-align:justify; looks good for news-paper, magazine and books. In print media they use the typeset called 'hypenation' which adds a hypen('-') at the end of the line if a word is too big to fit in the same line. This technique works very well in print media, but if we want to use the same on web it's very hard to implement and would be foolish to make hard coded efforts like this -

With the elec­tron­ic word, au­thor­ity dif­fuses it­self between writer and read­er. Al­though we sel­dom think of it in this way, the print me­di­um

We need add ­ in every long word, that's a tedious task to do. Another bad impact of using text-align:justify on web is that the paragraph creates a 'river of spaces' on the page where we loose the readability aspect. Additionally, these ­ space may create difficulties for search engines. -

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