Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UX Portfolio

1. SumEqual

Project Details:
- What is the project about
It is an education domain where Teachers/Students/Parents collaborate to share information, schedule meetings, and participate in school related activities.

- What problem it solves
Generally, the process of arranging meeting and passing messages between parents and teachers is a long procedure as it depends on the availability of both sides. To make this procedure easier with technology - SumEqual was developed.

- How it helps the end user
Most of the times it's difficult to the Parents and Teachers to discuss all things related to kids development whenever and wherever they want to. SumEqual helps them send/receive messages anytime/anywhere.

- Visual Language
It's derived from the Green Boards of the schools as it gives the sense of school related portal.

- Brand Identity
A combination of school board colors along with Notebook mockings and the typeface appears as a hand writing.

- Problem Statement
Create a Brand for school portal and a landing page where Teachers/Students/Parents collaborate with each other.

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3. Skills Test 

4. Mobile App  

5. Travel app wireframes 

6. My Voyages

7. GiveANight

8. Journal Doc

9. Pack Your Bags

10. LetsGo2